A Spanish immigrant in search of the American dream set out to infuse his heritage and love for spicy food into a lasting legacy for the Lechosas name. And thus was born Lechosas hot sauce, the boldest and most flavorful sauce your taste buds have ever experienced.

You Can’t Just Try One without the Others.

Think you’ve got what it takes to try them all?



"Oh Boy" Cream Cheese Dip

(2) 16oz Tubs of Cream Cheese 
(2) Cups of Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
(1) Cup of Bacon Bits
(1) Bottle of Lechosa’s “Oh Boy Jalapeno” Hot Sauce 

Put all ingredients in large bowl,  mix well, serve & enjoy!


Great flavor and nice of heat. This stuff tastes great and adds the perfect of amount of kick to every dish.

Tom Quinn

This sauce is truly the most flavorful hot sauce I’ve ever tried. With varying levels of heat across the line up of sauces there is a sauce for everyone.

Casey Quertermous

Finally got to try the Peach Habanero, and wow!! It was so good!! I usually don't like spicy, but this was a perfect blend of heat and flavor!!

Maxine Day

These sauces are perfect for any hot sauce lover, from the beginner, to the expert! There is a flavor for everyone and everything!! I'd drink them with a straw, if it was socially acceptable. 

Ryan Sheridan

Lechosa's Hot Sauce has a sauce for any mood and any taste. Thrilling options for heat seekers and creative options for the more mild mannered!

Jeff DeFosse

Best tasting sauce I’ve had!

Jonathan Hagans

I just reviewed 3 sauces from them and all three are in my top 10 these sauces are completely amazing! I highly recommend you try some of these!

Nelson Cheney

This is my favorite brand of hot sauces, we buy it by the box. The Mango Habanero and Peach Habanero are two of my favorites. 

Scott Thissen

Best Hot Sauce!! My husband loves all kinds of hot sauces and is always trying new ones, but this is by far one of His Favorites!!

Julie Stephens